Blue Ivy & Baby Bash Are Getting Married?!!

Word on the street is Blue Ivy and Baby Bash are getting married when they get older...well according to Amber Rose they are!

During day 2 of the Made in America Musical Festival, Amber Rose chatted it up backstage with Beyonce. The two mothers discussed their adorable babies and Beyonce gave Amber some parenting tips and tricks! During the chat Amber let Beyonce know that her little man loves older women and Blue Ivy is at the top of his list! How adorable would that be? Baby Bash and Blue Ivy...we don't think the world is ready for all that cuteness! 

Jay-Z better get his shot gun ready because Baby Bash isn't the only little boy who has his heart set on little Blue. Little Egypt (Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz sontried to kiss her during the 2013 NBA All Star game, and let's just say Jay-Z wasn't too thrilled! 

Jay-Z is going to have a lot of trouble on his hands!  Blue is only getting cuter by the day and before he knows it she will be looking just like Beyonce!

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