Chief Keef Gets Evicted??!!!

We guess Chief Keef is spending all of his money on cars, clothes, and shoes because he sure isn't paying his rent! 

The 18-year-old rapper is currently facing an eviction and lawsuit from his landlord Georghe Simoniak- Sas. The landlord is claiming Chief Keef hasn't paid rent since June on the $1 million, six bedroom home in Illinois that he is renting. Not only does the landlord want the rapper to pay the $10,000 in back rent, but he also wants a judge to evict Chief Keef from the home immediately! 

Can you say embarrassing? Chief Keef better get it together and fast because it sounds like his landlord is not playing, and with his history of not paying bills on time we are sure the judge won't have any problems with putting him out!

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