Christina Milian Confirms Engagement!!

For weeks people have been whispering that Christina Milian had gotten engaged! However, the singer remained tight lipped on whether or not her long time boyfriend Jas Prince put a ring on it. That is until she accidentally let the cat out of the bag!

Leave it to TMZ to get her to slip up! Earlier this week, the "Dancing With The Stars" contestant was celebrating her 32nd birthday at L.A. restaurant Supperclub, when she accidentally confirmed her engagement!

Jas was walking toward the restaurant and Christina wanted the paparazzi to let her boo or should we say fiance through we she blurted out 

"My fiance is coming." 

Once she realized her slip up she quickly told TMZ

"I'm not telling you anything, it's a secret."

Remind us never to tell Christina Milian a secret ever...LOL! We know it has to be hard to keep such exciting news to yourself so we can definitely understand how she slipped! Congratulations to Christina and Jas on their engagement!

Watch Christina Milian tell the world she's engaged below:

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