Ciara Goes Off On Hater After Being Insulted!!

Singer Ciara is as sweet as pie, however, don't get ish confused she will definitely check a chick if necessary (remember her Twitter beef with Rihanna?!). Recently a hater was taking one too many pop shots at her and she decided to fire back!

Recently on Twitter, a girl began going HAM on Ciara

"The Matrix came out in 2001, why are you still doing it?
I wish u would sit your dancing azz down them old azz dance moves I like one song since you been singing and that's yo body is my party."

Ciara decided enough was enough and decided to give the girl a dose of her own medicine and responded back

"@KibaGossett That Matrix Move, Sure Is Getting Me A Lott'a Money. But What U Gettin Wit Dem Bangs?? :)...1 Follower :)....Crickets :)..."

However, she decided her little comment wasn't enough and decided to take her shade to a whole new level by re-posting the girl's photo on her Instagram page!

The photo was only up for a few seconds before she deleted it. Now you know Ciara is not about that mean girl life! Instead she decided to focus on spreading awareness about cyber bullying.

Although we don't condone cyber bulling, we don't fault Ciara for snapping back at that girl! Seriously, how much can one person take?! Some of these people take it too far when insulting celebrities. We have to remember they are people too! 

Side SASS:  The way these celebrities are snapping back these days it may be a good idea to just chill or you might end up getting embarrassed...LOL!

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