Columbus Short Has A Real Life Scandal!!!

Seems like "Scandal" star Columbus Short has a real life scandal going on!  

According to Radar Online, The 30-year-old actor/dancer is getting a divorce from his current wife Tanee (Tuere) McMcCall-Short. According to Radar Online, Mrs. Short filed for divorce in L.A. on September 11, 2013. Not only does Mrs. Short want a divorce, she is also seeking sole legal and physical custody of their 19-month-old daughter. She also wants some of those "Scandal" coins to pay for her legal fees and provide her with spousal support!

Sounds like Columbus Short  has a huge mess on his hands! He better call Olivia Pope!

Side SASS: This isn't Columbus Short's first time headed to divorce court! His first wife, Brandi Short, filed for divorce while she was eight months pregnant after it was revealed that he had a fling with Brittany Spears! Yes, thee Brittany Spears! Weird we know! 

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