Drama On The Set of Single Ladies Again!!!

Can't we all just get along?! We guess not, especially if your an actress on Vh1's scripted show Single Ladies. With the third season wrapping up production, the drama behind the scenes is just getting started! 

 We all remember the drama between Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye during season one of the show. Apparently the two divas couldn't get along to save their lives and Stacey Dash decided not to return to the show (or was fired depending on who you ask)! 

Fast forward to season three and there is more drama brewing. This time the tension is between Lisa Raye and Charity Shea

And get this the drama started all over an Instagram shout out! Yes, grown woman are beefing over an Instagram shout out! Confused? Well so are we!

During the last day of shooting Charity Shea posted a collage congratulating the cast and crew members on wrapping season 3. However, there was one person who was obviously missing from the collage! Yup, you guessed it, that person was Lisa Raye!

Now you know you don't disrespect Lisa Raye! Charity must have never seen Players Club! Any who, later that same day Lisa Raye decided to post her own collage and let Charity know that she peeped the shade loud and clear!

We hope this is one big understanding because it is pretty petty and immature for two grown woman to be arguing over a Instagram shout out! It's not that deep! 

Side SASS: Charity better be careful! The last chick that tried to play with Lisa Raye ended up unemployed! 


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