Idris Elba Covers GQ Magazine

Yes ladies, this man really does exist and he's really that FINE!! The very sexy, and let's not forget talented, Idris Elba is covering the October issue of GQ Magazine!

We think Idris is every woman's fantasy man LOL...or maybe just ours. When it comes to speaking about him we are at a lost for words! But, for the sake of this story we have to compose ourselves. This British actor reveals major details about his personal life and more in this exclusive interview.

On his childhood:

“I sort of blended into the background quite a bit. I wasn’t the guy that was a big personality. I was the tall, silent, quiet type….I call it the invisible factor.  On any ordinary street, walking down in London Soho in a cap, I’m just a fucking tall black man walking along.”

On selling drugs: 

I was running with cats. I mean, I was DJ’ing, but I was also pushing bags of weed; I was doing my work. I had to. I know that sounds corny, but this is the truth.” He says he’d sell drugs at Carolines, and meanwhile all these successful guys would come through: D. L. Hughley, Dave Chappelle. “All those black comedians, they knew me as a doorman.” 

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On his divorce:

“I had to keep going back and forth to New York, to London, to try and make a bit of money real quick.” Back in the States, Elba’s wife “didn’t adjust to the culture as quickly as I did. We just had a hard time. The next thing you know, we broke up.” 

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On finding out he wasn't the biological father of his son: 

“The celebration of having a son—from a man’s perspective, it’s massive.” He told friends about it. He told reporters about it. Then came the suggestion—not from the child’s mother, but from elsewhere—that not everything was what it appeared to be. “It wasn’t immediately obvious—well, it was, because he didn’t look like me,” Elba says. “But it wasn’t immediately obvious what had gone down.”
Eventually, Elba decided to take a paternity test, which showed the child wasn’t his. “To be given that and then have it taken away so harshly,” he says, “was like taking a full-on punch in the face: POW.”
“You know, the truth is—like, even admitting it, I’ll probably get laughed at for the rest of my life. But it is just tragic, and it happened.” He looks directly at me when he says this. “But I wasn’t knocked out. I stood right the fuck back up, and I ain’t aiming to take another punch in the face ever again. Do you understand what I’m saying? It happened to me. I moved on.”
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Check out the visuals for the shoot below!

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