Immature is Back?!

90's babies are you ready?! Guess who's back?!

That's right the group formally known as IMX, but better known as Immature is making a come back! From the picture above it may not look like it but these three little heart breakers used to have girls and some grown woman screaming their hearts out! 

Marques Houston broke the news on Twitter that the group is back and will be releasing new music! Apparently, they even have an album dropping later this year entitled Forever Immature (really guys..SMH). Who knew? We sure didn't

Are you interested in hearing the 2013 version of Immature?! Will Marques Houston, Romeo, and Batman be able to recreate that 90's magic? This will definitely be interesting!

Here's a video to remind you of how they used to get it back in the day!!

Side SASS: Romeo boo, it's 2013 let's lose that eye patch okay! You really don't need it...we promise! 

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