Jay Z Get's Dapper For Vanity Fair Magazine!!!

Jay Z pulls out his suit and bow tie for his first solo Vanity Fair Magazine cover! In the issue Jay Z talks about Blue Ivy being his biggest fan, selling drugs, and whether or not Beyonce is still a good girl! 

In the article Jay Z shares that Beyonce thinks Blue Ivy likes his music better than hers

"That's not true. She watches [Beyonce's concerts] on the computer every night. But my album came out and I don't know if Blue ever heard any of my music prior to this album-she's only 18 months old and I don't play my music around the house. But this album was new, so we played it. And she loves all the songs. She plays a song and she goes, 'More Daddy, more...Daddy song.'"

On Blue Ivy being his biggest fan

"She's my biggest fan. If n one bough the Magna Carta [album], the fact that she loves it so much, it gives me the greatest joy. And that's not like a cliche. I'm really serious. Just to see her- 'Daddy song, more, Daddy.' She's genuine, she's honest, because she doesn't know it makes me happy. She just want's to hear it."

On how President Obama renewed his American spirit

"[President Barack Obama's 2008 election] actually renewed my spirit for America. It was like, Oh, wow, man, this whole thing about land of the free, home of's, like, real-it's going to happen, everyone's getting to participate in it. But growing up, if you had ever told a black person from the hood you can be President, they'd be like, I could never...If you had told me that as a kid, I'd be like, Are you out of your mind? How?"

On his mother knowing that he sold drugs

"We never really had those conversations. We just pretty much ignored it. But she knew. All the mothers knew. It sounds like 'How could you let your son...' but I'm telling you, it was normal."

On how drug dealing taught him about finances

"I know about budgets. I was a drug dealer. To be in a drug deal, you need to know what you can spend, what you need to re-up. Or if you want to start some sort of barbershop or car wash-those were the businesses back then. Things you can get in easily to get out of [that] life. At some point, you have to have an exit strategy, because your window is very small; you're going to get locked up or you're going to die."

On his mother juggling to provide for their family

"We were living in a tough situation, but my mother managed; she juggled. Sometimes we'd pay the light bill, sometimes we paid the phone, sometimes the gas went off. We weren't starving-we were eating, we were O.K. But it was things like you didn't want to be embarrassed when you went to school; you didn't want to have dirty sneakers or wear the same clothes over again."

On growing up during the crack epidemic 

"Crack was everywhere-it was inescapable. There wasn't any place you could go for isolation or a break. You go in the hallway; [there are] crackheads in the hallway. You look out in the puddles on the curbs-crack vials are littered in the side of the curbs. You could smell it in the hallways, that putrid smell; I can't explain it, but it;s still in my mind when I think about it. "

On feeling guilty for selling drugs

"Not until later, when I realized the effects on the community. I started looking at the community on the whole, but in the beginning no. I was thinking about surviving. I was thinking about improving my situation. I was thinking about buying clothes."

On if he could have still gotten Beyonce if he wasn't Jay Z but instead a gas station attendant

"If I'm as cool as I am, yes. But she's a charming Southern girl, you know, she's not impressed...But I would have definitely had to be this cool."

On if Beyonce is still a good girl

"[Laughs] Nah. She's a gangsta now."

On the rumors of Beyonce not really being pregnant

"I don't even know how to answer that. It's just so stupid. You know, I feel dismissive about it, but you've got to feel for her. I mean, we've got a really charmed life, so how can we complain? But when you think about it, we're still human beings...And even in hip-hop, all the blogs-they had a field day with it. I'm like, We come from you guys, we represent you guys. Why are you perpetuating this? Why are you adding fuel to this ridiculous rumor?"

On why they chose to trademark Blue Ivy's name

"People wanted to make products based on our child's name...and you don't want anybody trying to benefit off your baby's name. It wasn't for us to do anything; as you see, we haven't done anything."

On money not being his motivation

"I'm not motivated by that...I don't sit around with my friends and talk about money, ever. On a record, that's different."

On loving rap

"I know I said I wouldn't be doing it when I was that's how I know I love it. Thirty years old was my cutoff, but I'm still her, 43 years old."

We like the new open Jay Z! It's nice to get a small glimpse of Shawn Carter every now and again! On the other hand, we knew that little Blue was a baby gangsta! We can see her now running around the house screaming "Holy Grail" with her little Timberland boots!

Side SASS: Jay Z revealed that during his first Vanity Fair cover in 2001, him and Beyonce had just started dating each other. How cute!

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