Jennifer Hudson Hit's A Fashion High Note In Manhattan Magazine!!!

Jennifer Hudson is serving up high fashion as the new cover girl for Manhattan Magazine!

In a photo spread shot by Gomillion & Leupold,  J. Hudson looks extra snatched in a Burberry trench coat and Versace black dress. In the article Jennifer opens up about her admiration for President Obama, her new album,  her role in "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete," and being intimidated about portraying Winnie Mandela!

On admiring President Obama:

"Obama is so hands on and aware. He'll tell stories off the top of his head about people who've written to him with their health issues, and he'll remember their names and every detail. He cares enough to know."

On becoming Winnie Mandela:

"It was intimidating to play Winnie after seeing how much she means to the people. To some she's an angel to some she's Satan, but either way, woo! The strength that woman possesses is amazing. We put so much into the story, and it took a lot out of us."

On her upcoming album:

"Should I give away the title? Let's just say you're gonna get Jennifer-ized!"

Playing a heroin addict in "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete":

"It terrified me to play that part [of a heroin addict] because I had no reference point. I'm 31 and I've never, ever, ever had a drink or done a drug in my entire life. I stick with Diet Coke and Crystal Light and water."

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