Jennifer Hudson Is The New Olivia Pope?!

 Jennifer Hudson is about to take on Washington, D.C. in a way that Kerry Washington never did!

Wait...Wait...Wait!! Pump your breaks!! We were just joking! Gladiators please don't kill us! Jennifer Hudson is going to Washington, D.C. not as Olivia Pope but as Lydia Cole in a Scandal spoof!

In the spoof Jennifer Hudson plays Lydia Cole, a scandal specialist who has been hired to solve a big problem! So in true white hat form, Jennifer puts on her cutest white trench coat and helps solve the secret scandal! 
So whats the big scandal you may ask? The different questions people have about the open enrollment for the Affordable Health Care Act of course!

Watch the visuals below

Side SASS: Besides laughing if you really pay attention you might actually learn something!

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