Jhené Aiko Give Fans A Major Surprise!!!

If you don't know who Jhené Aiko get hip immediately!! This petite singer stole our hearts in 2011 with her mix tape Sailing Soul(s) (if you don't have it get it HERE and thank us later). Since then we have been anxiously awaiting the release of her debut album with Def Jam, and it looks like our wish just came true!

That's right the singer has finally given a release date for her much anticipated album Souled Out, but don't get too excited because it's not until next year...whomp! However, Jhené  has something else up her sleeve. The singer has decided to surprise fans with an  EP entitled Sail Out! Do you know how excited we are?!

Jhené feels like the EP will bridge the mix tape and the album together:

"It's like bridging the gap between [my mix tape] Sailing Soul(s) and Souled Out. Sail Out has a lot of the hip hop/rap influence on it, even wit the beats."

 With features from Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Wiz Khalif, and Ab-Soul it sounds like this EP will be amazing! What's even better is it will be released October 29th, which is right around the corner. Jhené  never disappoints so we know this EP will be on repeat and worth the wait! 

Watch Jhené Aiko discuss the her EP below

Side SASS: The project even includes Jhené's SASSY rapping alter ego J. Hennessy!!!

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