Kerry Washington Flaunts It On The Cover Of Flare Magazine!!!

Another day, another magazine cover for Kerry Washington! The actress is giving us life as the new cover girl for the October issue of Flare Magazine!

Remember "Red Carpet Kerry," the alter ego Kerry Washington revealed in her Glamour Magazine article? Well it looks like she came out to play for the Flare Magazine shoot, and we are in love! The spread, shot by Ruven Afandor, is literally screams high fashion. From the Miu Miu trench coat (which we love!), Proenza Schouler skirt,  Balaenciaga shoes, and every other designer under the sun we are in heaven!

In the article she spills how her friends react to her playing a mistress and how she quit drinking to play Olivia Pope!

Her friends reactions to Scandal:

"I had girlfriends calling me from week three [of Scandal] going, 'I'm really uncomfortable. Why am I rooting for the mistress? I'm a married woman!' And I would say, 'It's OK, it's OK.' "

On preparing for the role of Olivia Pope:

"You have to think about eating right and sleeping right and taking care of your physical machine because the demands are so intense,” she says. Downtime is scarce during Scandal’s nine-month shooting season, so she multitasks by recording her lines and listening to them on the treadmill. After college, the actress almost completely stopped drinking—“It was getting in the way of my perfectionism,” she says, only half-joking—and when working she abstains even from reading fiction for fear of losing focus."

What she loves most about her job:

"I love moments that are few and far between, where you're so deeply, deeply invested in an imaginary world that you truly forget yourself for a while, and the only reality that exist is the reality of that scene. That's like drugs to me and it is hard to find that high, but that's what you work for."

Side SASS: Kerry is definitely giving us BOLD, CLASSY, and Oh So Sassy!

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