Kevin Durant Disrespects Dwayne Wade?!

Uh oh! It looks like Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durant are taking their on court  rivalry off the court and onto social media !

It all started when Kevin Durant thought that the 2013-2014 Sports Illustrated Top Ten list needed some rearranging! He believed his former teammate James Harden, who he has called the "best guard in the league," should definitely replace a certain someone on the list!

Who is that certain someone you may ask? None other than 3 time NBA champ Dwayne Wade! Shady! Shortly after the interview hit the internet, Dwayne Wade took to Instagram to check Kevin Durant right quick!

Dwayne Wade let it be known that not only does he have 3 NBA championships and Kevin Durant has none, but one of them is from Miami Heat beating Oklahoma City Thunder in the Championship in 2012! Ouch!

However, Kevin was definitely not intimidated and snapped back with a few tweets of his own

We can't believe that Kevin Durant came for Dwayne Wade like that! This will definitely make this NBA season very interesting! 

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