Kevin Hart Remakes Drake's "Coming Home" Single!!!

Kevin Hart is a fool! The comedian/actor is always joking that he can out sing and out rap any musician  in the world. He even has a rap and singing alter ego named "Chocolate Droppa" and "Chocolate Drop." Well this weekend "Chocolate Drop"decided to remake Drake's new song "Coming Home," and let's just definitely want to see this!

LOL...Kevin Hart is hilarious! Did you see his moves though?! He was so serious...with the eye squint and thrusting...LOL!  We don't know if "Chocolate Drop" has a future in music but he definitely has one in dancing! After watching this video we can definitely see him twerking and thrusting as a backup dancer for TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank's group)..LOL!! 

Side SASS: We don't think we can ever listen to Drake's song again without thinking about these visuals!!

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