|NEW VIDEO| Wale ft. Juicy J x Nicki Minaj "Clappers"

Aye!!!! The visuals for Wale's club anthem "Clappers" has finally been released and all we can say is "Shawty got a big ole' butt...say yeah!" 

The video which features Juicy J (the twerk anthem king) and Nicki Minaj (the twerk queen) will definitely have you bouncing! Seriously, once the beat drops on this song it's hard not to get turned up! The song samples famous go-go band E.U. 's 1988 hit song "Da Butt" (that song that was playing during the swim suit party on the movie School Dazes), but puts a modern day twist on it! 

Side SASS: This video features a bunch of clappers, so if we were you we wouldn't watch this at work!

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