Nori's Momma Goes Blonde!!

Well what do we have here?! Kim Kardashian was spotted out over the weekend sporting her new blonde hair with baby Nori in tote!
E! News is reporting that the mother of adorable baby North West has decided to change up her look once again and go back to blonde. She showed off her new look at a friend's cookout over the weekend in Beverly Hills. Of course this isn't the first (and we are sure it won't be the last) time that Kim has decided to go blonde and we actually like it. We may be a little biased here at The SASS because we just love blonde hair! Well...she could have at least combed her hair before she left the house but maybe they were experiencing some strong winds in Beverly Hills LOL! Either way, it looks good. It gives her a more edgy, fun, and SASSY look! Everybody knows blondes have more fun!!

We love the fact that Kim is staying on top of her game after having a baby and trying new things. It's nice to switch things up every once in a while. Some new color, a cut, or even a weave can make you feel like a brand new woman! 

What are some of your favorite SASSY hair trends?! 

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