Oh No! Romeo Miller Involved In A Horrible Car Crash

We know Romeo Miller is screaming #wonthedoit at the top of his lungs right now. The rapper/actor was involved in a horrible car crash this weekend and walked away with only a few scratches! Look at GOD!

According to TMZ, Romeo was involved in a car crash around 5 a.m. in LA over the weekend while driving to LAX airport. Romeo, who was in the passenger side sleep at the time, stated that the car was struck on the passenger side at a high speed of 60mph. 

Romeo talked to TMZ about the ordeal and stated:

"Blessed to be alive, to be honest, man. Fresh from the hospital, you know I got into that car accident-I walked out like Moses, though. I walked out, real talk, basically just scratches on me. Honestly, I'm just happy to be here. To all my fans out there...I could've been gone. I got a collision, seventy miles-per-hour on my side of the car...Really put things in perspective. I was asleep. It was like a movie. Everybody out there, just be grateful, because you never know. I just made my twenty-fourth birthday, and I was about to be gone just a week later. I'm very grateful."

The rapper posted a picture to his Instagram page to let his fans know he was just fine!

Romeo is definitely in our prayers! He is truly blessed to have walked away from that car crash with only scratches. This really goes to show you that life is not promised! You should really live everyday to the fullest. Pursue every dream and be thankful for everything you have because you never know when it all can be gone.

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