Oprah Doesn't Care If Stedman Puts A Ring On It?!

"If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it..." We guess Oprah didn't get the memo because after being with her long time boo Stedman Graham for over 27 years she is not looking nor tripping off of him "putting a ring on it."

While most woman were planning weddings and looking for the one, Oprah was busy building a billion dollar business and putting over a hundred young men through college. Oh, but don't get it twisted while Oprah was hustling Stedman was right there by her side the entire time! You would've  thought by now that the two love birds would have tied the knot?! Wrong!!! The couple is just fine with being "life partners" forever. Who going check them boo?!!

During a recent interview with Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood, Oprah made it crystal clear that being a wife is not in the cards for her and that's perfectly fine! 

Will you leave this earth as a never married woman?


That's your final answer

"[Laughs] You're good. You didn't just come with no red carpet questions. That's my final answer. I think it's really interesting that you would ask it because I though about it again at Tina Turner's wedding because Tina [said], ' Oprah, you need to do this.' Well it took [her] until 75 to do it. Now you're telling me I need to do it. I was just thinking, would things really be different? I don't think so. I think my final answer is I'm going leave this earth as a never married woman, and that's really okay with me. Stedman would tell you Shaun, if you ever interviewed him, he would tell you [that] had we married, we would not be together."

Really? Why is that?

"Because he's a traditional man and this is a very un-traditional relationship. I think it's acceptable as a relationship, but if I had the title 'wife,' hmmmm. I think there would be some other expectations of what a wife is and what a wife does. First of all you gotta come home sometimes. [laughs hysterically] I think it's time for this interview to end."

After holding each other down for 27 years does a title even matter anymore?! 

 With society making women feel some type of way about not being married and having kids by a certain age, it's kind of refreshing to see a different perspective on the whole marriage thing! Seriously some girls are out here settling for men that they shouldn't even consider dating...let alone marrying just for the sake of a title...SMH! 

Watch the visuals of Oprah discussing her love life below

Side SASS: Now the real question is Oprah doesn't care but do you? Will you be taking the Oprah and Stedman route?!

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