Ralph Lauren Releases Limited Edition Polo Bear Sweater!!

If you were a fly kid in the 90's then you definitely had an iconic Polo Bear sweater! We know we did! Well we have some amazing news! Ralph Lauren is officially bringing back the beloved sweater!!

Thanks to Ralph Lauren's "Bring It Back" program and million of fans voting the iconic sweater is been launched through the Ralph Lauren Vintage Collection.

The entire concept of the Polo Bear sweater came after Ralph Lauren received a collectible Steiff teddy bear decked out in all Polo everything as a birthday gift. The designer thought it was a cute idea and began selling the Polo teddy bears to customers. Eventually, he decided to take it a step further and put the teddy bears on sweaters in 1991 and the rest is history!!

The "Bring It Back" edition of the Polo Bear Sweater will have one version for men and another for women.

The sweaters will retail for $295 each!

Will you be taking a trip down memory lane and indulging?! If so, get it HERE!

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