She Did It Again! Serena Williams Captures U.S. Open Crown!!!

The champ is here!!!!!!! Serena Williams is officially the baddest chick on the tennis court. The superstar athlete wiped out the competition to win her fifth U.S. Open Singles Title
How amazing is that?!

Serena Williams battled it out against Belarusian player, Victoria Azarenka, at the Aruther Ashe Stadium in New York. The game was super intense and literally came down to Serena winning at a championship point #2 and Azarenka hitting the ball out of bounds!

Not only did Serena get crowned the Women's U.S. Open Singles Champ she also got to cash out in a major way. The 31-year-old received a $2.6 million dollar reward and an additional $1 million bonus! You better get those coins girl!!!

Now the real question is how do you celebrate winning your 5th title? You dance around to Rihanna's "Only Girl In The World"and jump in the air like Michael Jordan...duh!!!!

The SASS would like to congratulate Serena Williams on this major accomplishment! She did that! 

Side SASS: Serena received her 17th Grand Slam title too! 

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