"She Faked It?!!"

Jimmy Kimmel just pulled off the biggest prank in history!!! Everyone and their mama fell for it, including us! The prank involved a girl, twerking, and candles...sound familiar?!

That's right! That infamous twerk video that was seen on CNN, FOX News, and The SASS was completely fake! 

Kimmel hired a stunt woman named Daphne to portray the love struck twerker! On his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he showed the real "end" to the YouTube video and it will have you in tears! When asked how he pulled off this massive prank that got over 9 million views on YouTube he stated:

"We shot the video two months and posted it. We didn't send it to any TV stations and didn't tweet it...didn't put on any news websites. We put it on YouTube and just let the magic happen." 

Jimmy Kimmel is a known prankster so we aren't surprised that he did this, but we still think it's hilarious real or not....LOL!!!

Watch the visuals below

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