Shocker!!! K. Michelle Promotes Tamar Braxton's New CD?!!!

Are our eyes playing tricks on us?!!! Did K. Michelle just subliminal apologize to Tamar Braxton?!?! We never thought we would see the day that these two singers would ever be cordial with each other, but you know what they say "never say never."

While browsing Instagram we noticed that K. Michelle had made a collage with R&B albums that she couldn't wait to be released. In her collage she included John Legend, Jaheim, Raheem Devaughn, and surprisingly Tamar Braxton! Now if you know the history between these two women this would take you by surprise. Just last week they were arguing on Twitter about stealing each others wigs. We guess K. Michelle decided to be the bigger person and squash the beef or her record label made her do it, either way it was a good move! We can't wait to see Tamar's response once she gets wind of this!

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