Shots Fired Between Lil Wayne and Lil Kim?!?!

Shot, shot, shots fired!! Lil Wayne decided he was going to throw major shade at Lil Kim on his latest mixtape Dedication 5. Well...Lil Kim didn't take too kindly to that and fired back at Weezy!

"Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you best take heed!"

LOL maybe Lil Wayne didn't get the memo...or maybe he just could care less. Over the weekend, Kim went straight to Twitter to get back at Lil Wayne about a line he dropped in his Pure Columbia track on the mixtape. Now what could he have said that caused this mess?!

“I done lost a couple h–s, but I’m still a pimp. Just changed the face of my Rollie, shout out Lil’ Kim.”

Oops!! Now Wayne  knows Lil Kim is sensitive about her sh*t LOL! He didn't have to go there (even though she has changed her face a few times)! Lil Kim and her protege, Tiffany Foxx, didn't like that line one bit so they both fired back at Wayne on Twitter making reference to his sexuality!! 

 photo liltssfsww.png

 photo kimtweets.png

Now we all know Lil Wayne's crew don't play when it comes to firing shots and throwing shade! They will always check you and that's exactly what Ms. Nicki Minaj did! When she got wind of Kim's tweets, she  went straight to her Instagram to defend Wayne.

 photo nickiIG.png

"#UglyBtchsAlwaysMad #JealousAndBitter stay off da kid page please ugly gang!!!! Ur miserable. We get it!!' Fuq!!!!!!!"

We only have one word to describe this...MESSY!!! Lil Wayne hasn't replied nor commented about the tweets from Lil Kim and we really don't think he will LOL! 

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