|SOLE MATE| Steve Madden x Keyshia Cole Shoe Collection Event!!!

This past weekend platinum selling artist, Keyshia Cole, held a meet and greet at Towson Mall for her new Steve Madden shoe collection! Of course Team SASS was front row and center!

Keyshia Cole definitely did her thang!  Not only are these shoes amazing, they look even better in person! So you know Team SASS had to get our hands on a pair! 

The event was super live with a DJ and host Rodney Rikai! As we patiently waited for Keyshia Cole to arrive the Towson Steve Madden decided to raffle off free shoes from every 15 minutes, and when we say free we literally mean any shoe in the store was yours!

As we waited in the V.I.P line (because you know that's how we do...LOL!!) we got treated to some super cute goodies. We received a limited edition Keyshia Cole x Steve Madden tote bag, compact mirror,  picture, and Keyshia Cole's latest album "Woman to Woman." However, the best gift we received that day was 20% off of any shoe in the Towson Steve Madden, because we used it to buy more shoes (thanks ya'll)!!

 Keyshia Cole showed up wearing a super cute pink top and her Steve Madden Keyshia Cole Dare High Heels in pink! Keyshia Cole is nothing like we expected! She's so little and soft spoken in person! Not to mention super nice! We asked her could we take an individual picture and a group picture and she said yes! We really appreciate that because she didn't have to do it!

Side SASS: You see what she has in her hand right? Major moves baby!!!

Now on to the most important thing of the day! The shoes!!! All of her shoes are cute, but our top two SOLE MATE choices are

KC- Diva ($139)...HERE

KC- Wondr ($229.95)...HERE

Will you be indulging?! We know we already did!!!!

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