The SASS Celebrates National Yoga Month!!

Baby!! If you want a real workout you need to go see Tamisha Jackson! This SASSY yoga instructor gave us a run for our money at her yoga class! If you ever thought yoga wasn't a real are sadly mistaken!!

Team SASS got extra SASSY with yoga instructor Tamisha Jackson. After her class, we were definitely feeling some type of way...refreshed and sore!! Anyway...since September is National Yoga Month, we thought it would be great to get our yoga on with one of the best instructors out there and learn how we can all benefit from practicing yoga.

Now, Tamisha isn't your "normal" yoga instructor...she was super fun, helpful, and of course SASSY! She started the class off with some warm up moves (they felt more like an actual workout to us lol), then we worked our way through some different yoga poses and stretched and even mixed a little bit of twerking in there! The class was so much fun and definitely a great workout! 

After the class, we sat down with Tamisha to talk a little more in depth about yoga and how she got started with the exercise.

On when she first started doing yoga:

"I first started doing yoga about 3 years ago, but I started doing it continuously in 2012. I have really bad headaches and I had a massage therapist and they said to give yoga a try and I was like "I do yoga anyway" but it was like the DVD type OK $5 from Five Below. Then after I started going my whole body changed completely. I didn't have as many headaches and I was more calm because I stress a lot and I stress about things that's like weeks in advance. I took a beginners class and I really enjoyed and then I went for my certification and I finished my certification in November 2012. I became an instructor in November 2012."

On her favorite yoga pose:

"The headstand is my favorite pose and everybody calls it twerking *chuckles* and I get really mad because I'm like no seriously that takes a lot of practice and I was seriously scared for months and then when I finally did it I was like "I'm going to do this everywhere I go"because it takes a lot of work to do that! I did partner yoga one day and it only took me like an hour to get it, however, I had to work on my ab strength first so it took me like a month to get my core together because the headstand is all core and if you can't tighten your abdomen you'll flip over. So, I kind of cheated *laughs* I was in the gym for like a month in a half doing crunches and then I got it. I definitely advise that if you try to do it that you have somebody with you to grab your feet or something because one wrong move and it can all go wrong."

On some of the different types of yoga:

"So many people don't know, but the part that we practice in America is the Westernized version of yoga, it's only the physical part. But, yoga has three areas and there's over 90 different practices of yoga. There's mind, body, and spirit, there's different types of yoga like the kind where you only study where people really go on a hiatus for like 6 or 7 months and live in a place and really find themselves and complete silence and study and meditate. I find that most people want to do yoga to get a more toned body and I can teach that too, however, I like to fluctuate and move around. If you want to come for a fitness class I can do that, and if you want to really focus on the spiritual aspects then I can add some other things in like chanting and things like that."

On her couple's yoga class:

"So couple yoga, I do that in Baltimore on September 28. I did a class and a couple came and when we did the partner yoga they were arguing the whole time but it also showed like teamwork. It was a suggestion and basically your partner will be helping you with the different poses like how you all did today. So the class is couples and friends but it's encouraged for couples to give it a try. It's funny because yoga is a male dominated practice, but when it became Americanized, it became like a woman's thing, however, women were not allowed to practice yoga until the 1970s and it's [yoga] been going on for six thousand years."

On her other yoga classes:

"I have a class next Thursday in Baltimore and it's like a regular class like today, but what we do after that is go get sushi in Baltimore so it's called Twisted Thursdays or Twisted Tuesdays and after yoga we go out for like drinks and stuff like that. I'm trying to find a way to get people on the [yoga] mat, because we as like African Americans we don't really know about it and all we really know about yoga is the stretching or that you aren't flexible and it's kind of like the opposite so why not stretch to get flexible? That's the point, right? So I try to have some type of way where people can be excited about coming and if it's a date night or drinks after where we can all get together and I can slide things in like the other benefits of yoga and just meet everybody where they are. It definitely teaches you patience and it's self determination within yourself and if you have a partner with you, you will definitely feel more encouraged."

Make sure you go check out one of Tamisha's classes and definitely get your workout on! You will not be disappointed!!

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