The SASS Takes On Made In America Festival!!!

This past weekend team SASS took on the Made In American Festival in Philadelphia, PA. From performances to some of the most fashionable outfits, this weekend was definitely BOLD, CLASSY, & Oh So SASSY!
Some of today's hottest artist graced the festival's stages and gave jaw dropping performances leaving the audience hyped and ready to party! A few of the artist that got the crowd jumping were Beyonce, Phoenix , Solange, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, DeadMus5, and Imagine Dragons. They seriously had the audience too excited and looking for the after parties LOL!

Besides the performances (which we absolutely loved!), we were also on the lookout for some of the best dressed people at the festival! After all, who doesn't love fashion?! It's events like this where people, men and women, come to show off their style and see who's rocking the latest and the greatest trends! Team SASS is all for fashion and putting your own personal spin on it. Take a look at some of our top picks from Made In America...

Did you go to the festival?! Tell us what your favorite part of the event was and which trend you loved the most!

Side SASS: Thank you to all of our new SASSY friends we met this weekend! Thanks for your support and your willingness to show off your fashion with The SASS!!

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