Tiny Tonight Get's A New Host?!!

What do we have here?!! 'Tiny Tonight' will be returning to VH1 this fall, but with a brand new host? Find out who got their walking papers and who the new host is!

Last December, fans were introduced to 'Tiny Tonight' created by Tameka 'Tiny" Harris! The show included Tiny and her three co-host, Tamar Braxton, Trina, and Claudia Jordan. The 60-minute show focused on entertainment news, girl talk, and a little bit of drama...LOL!

When the show first aired Tiny gushed about her girls and what they would bring to the show:

"I would say Trina is reserved. Tamar is very funky. She's vibrant and she says whatever. Claudia is straight to the point and very classy. I'm always the one to settle things; I'm the one they come to for advice. I'm that person that can help calm things down. I'm the neutral one."

Things were going well  until drama started brewing between Claudia and Tamar! ! The two co-host started throwing shade to each other on Twitter and then eventually on the show.

Once the season was over Tamar Braxton revealed to 'The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1' that she would not be returning to the show! She claims that she initially did the show as a favor to Tiny and didn't plan on returning anyway . 

" I'm not doing the show anymore. I did that. Well you know, I only actually agreed to do two from the beginning. Because Tiny and I are really good friends. So like I told her I would do it and that's it. I'm saying that I wasn't scheduled to do it in the first place."

Fast forward to present day! Tamar has a new singing career and a talk show of her own called 'The Real.' We hope it gets picked up by FOX because we love that show!  Meanwhile Tiny has replaced Tamar with another "keep it real" lady, Tami Roman of  'Basketball Wives'. You know Claudia couldn't wait to welcome her new cast mate with open arms..LOL! We can't wait to see all of these women interact with each other..we are sure it's going to be interesting!

Side SASS: If Claudia couldn't handle Tamar's opinionated personality we aren't too sure she will be able handle Tami's either! I guess we will have to tune in to see!

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