Uncle Sam Sticks K. Michelle For Her Coins!!

The IRS does not play when it comes to their coins and K. Michelle found out the hard way!

Back in 2008, K.Michelle was on top of the world with her new record deal with Jive Records and new single with Missy Elliot! However, with all that excitement she forgot to do one little thing and that was  pay her taxes...SMH! Ooopsies!!

Now we all know that the IRS is like a psycho girlfriend that doesn't forget anything, so they called K. Michelle up and reminded her that she owed them some coins for 2008 and 2009! $52, 415.09 in coins to be exact, and if she didn't pay up she would be facing some serious jail time! Oh gosh! K. Michelle may be down for a lot of things but jail is not one of them! So she quickly handled the situation! 

Yet, that didn't stop everyone from making the situation worse by spreading all types of lies! So in true K. Michelle fashion she took to social media and deaded all the rumors and let the world know that everything was all good!

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