"Wanted: Black Models Only?!"

"All black everything" was definitely the theme for German fashion designer Philipp Plein's 2014 runway presentation when he decided to only employ black models for Milan Fashion Week!

Yes, you read that right! A runway presentation with nothing but beautiful black models! In the fashion world that is very rare! However, the German designer wanted to send a message about breaking down barriers in the fashion and decided to take matters into his own hands!

"My message is about breaking down barriers and breaking the rules. Doing the unexpected and shaking people from their complacence, forcing people to face the future where old prejudices have no place. For example, the public expects to see pallid girls in high heels walking my show and I give them a fleet of black beauties in flats!"

Kudos to Phillipp Plein for being one of the first designers to answer the plea of Bethann Hardison, Namoi Campbell, and Iman for more black models on the runway! 

Side SASS: To see more "Black Girls Rock" the runway at the Phillipp Plein's show click...HERE!

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