When Twerking Get's Too Hot!!!!

In the words of Sweet Brown, "Lord's a fire!" What happens when you mix a table full of candles, a staged twerk session, and an oblivious roommate? The funniest twerk video ever!

YouTuber, Caitlin Heller, took popping on a handstand to an all new level (because it's levels to twerking or nah?) when she decided to make a personal twerk video.  

Caitlin was feeling it at first! Rocking off to the beat and getting her Miley Cyrus twerk on...LOL! However, when she decided to take her talents to the door and twerk it on a handstand...things went from an Uncle Luke video to an episode of TLC's Untold ER Stories!

Her roommate, who was oblivious to the twerk session going on inside their apartment decided to open the door. When she did poor little Caitlin went flying into a glass tables full of lit candles. Can you say OUCH?! To make matters worse, Caitlin's leg caught on fire...OMG!

Thankfully Caitlin is okay, but she learned her tweaking without locking the door!

Watch the hilarious video below

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