Amber Rose Finally Shows Us Baby Bash!!

FINALLY!!! We've only been waiting a million years to get a glimpse of the adorable baby of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. For months the couple has been teasing us with pictures of the baby's feet or side profile pictures or pictures of the back of his head! The wait is over! Take a look inside and see just how freaking cute this little boy is!! 
Since it is Halloween, everybody wants to show off their babies in their cute costumes right?! Amber is no different! We guess she couldn't keep this face a secret too much longer! She took to her Instagram and posted these pictures of her baby boy dressed as a lion for his first Halloween!

 photo article-2480655-1916831700000578-121_634x636.jpg

"We love our Lil Lion baby #Sebastian"

 photo article-2480655-191683B800000578-594_634x634.jpg

"Sweet Lips #Sebastian"

OMG! We are in love! Look at his little face and those teeth! We can't believe Sebastian will be a year old in a few months! The SASS absolutely adores babies LOL that's why we're super excited to finally be able to see this cutie pie! 

Side SASS: Happy Halloween from The SASS!!! 

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