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The wait is finally over!! The Gay Bestie is finally here at The SASS and he is definitely giving us so much life! Sebastien is definitely that Unconditional and Uncensored friend with no filter at all and we absolutely love it! 
Baby...sit back, grab you a nice lunchtime cocktail and take a trip with The Gay Bestie!

Single & Sassy

As the sun heads in the opposite direction and the chill of fall stumbles upon us its time to hike up the sass. Urban myth claims that once summer fades into the sunset all the men get frisky for a cuddle buddy; I've never been fond of the thought. Granted for some time I was labeled the single friend, but far from bitter. As my girls smooched with the same guy each night, I on the other hand roamed the city living it up. I adored the freedom to do whatever I wanted when I wanted. Single-hood has had this stigma of loneliness, but on the contrary when you’re happy with yourself there’s already a sense of fulfillment. Those days gave me the opportunity to fall in love with me first and then of course date like I was wandering through an endless buffet.

Ladies it’s your duty to embrace the selection of men before you and it’s almost a sin if you don’t. A date doesn't mean commitment or obligation. The definition stands for a free meal! No, but seriously it’s the opportunity to see the person for who they are. Dating allows you to expose different sides of yourself as well like needs and wants. The experience brings clarify after the confusion. Make it fun and write a list of guys you’re curious about and then cross them off one by one. I never said sleep with them, but if you so choose protection and moderation is a must. After all we’re adults now ladies.

Single Survival Tips

1.)    Always have a gym bag packed in the trunk of your car. This bag should be easy to carry with toiletries, clean undies, sneakers, hair tie, and some heels just in case. (P.S. don’t let your friends call it a ho bag. Its an emergency bag)

2.)    Condoms of every size are a must have. We all know not every man is a magnum contender.

3.)     Meet him at the location for the first date. No guy should know where you live no sooner than the third date. Say things like, “I live near…” but not disclosing the actual address.

4.)    Have a list of different places ready to go. This is for when he says, “Where would you like to go.” You’re showing an interest even if you’re just trying to get to the place.

5.)    Text at least one good friend where you’re going and what you’re doing.

6.)    Bring enough cash to pay for everything, but of course a real gentlemen takes care of it all. Still suggest to leave the tip.

7.)    Remember do it all with a dash of SASS!

We don't know about you but we (well one of us LOL) definitely needed these survival tips! Ladies please take heed and always be prepared everywhere you go! 

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