Cassie Covers Vibe Vixen Magazine!!!

Cassie is definitely giving face on the latest cover of Vibe Vixen Magazine!! In the magazine the 27-year-old model/ singer dished on Diddy inspiring her, if she's really signed to Drake's label, and demanding respect! 

On signing to Drake's OVO Sounds label:

"I honestly don’t know where that came from but I had heard about it. I went to the OVO Festival in Canada, which was really dope, but no, I’m currently signed to Bad Boy and Interscope. Drake and I talked at the festival about working together, so hopefully that comes into fruition."

On being respected in a male dominated industry:

"As a woman in the industry, there are so many things you're up against. If you're pretty, you're too pretty. If you're talented, you're too talented to the point where people don't want to listen to your music. And I'm not talking about BeyoncĂ©, who is way up there. I’m just talking about people who are making the music that they love. It’s a confidence thing. It doesn't matter what you bring out as long as you believe in it and back it up. That’s something that took time to learn. I would second guess myself a lot."

On the key to maintaining a successful relationship: 

"The key to maintaining any relationship--be it a romantic relationship or a friendship--is honesty and communication. I travel so much, host parties and I just signed a new deal with Skam Artist, who predominantly DJs in the same bookings that they do at different parties. It's New York, Chicago, Vegas so I'm constantly going." 

On Diddy inspiring her to run her own empire:

"Absolutely. Just being around him is a completely inspiring experience. Starting my own empire would be great. I'm trying to figure it out. I'm still working with Cassie Enterprises right now but I think that would be something I would love to do."

Read the full article at Vibe Vixen

Side SASS: Can't nobody rock the side shave like Cassie!

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