Chris Brown Goes In On Rihanna In Unreleased Song!!

Will the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama ever end?! We don't think so! Especially after Rihanna hears Chris Brown go in on her in his unreleased song!

The fans went crazy after Chris Brown's unreleased song "I'm Still" hit the internet! In the song he held nothing back when talking about a former girlfriend that is notoriously known for sleeping around in the music industry! Chris brown raps:

"Every n-gga in the industry done f-cked my b-tch/ And all my n-ggas said 'I told ya'"

Who is Chris Brown referring to?! Allegedly it's Rihanna! Now we don't know for sure if it's true or not but a couple of people have definitely said that Rihanna gets around. However, until we get some hardcore proof we are just going to keep it messy free at The SASS! Ya dig?!

Hear Chris Brown feel some type of way on "I'm Still" below:

Side SASS: We can't wait until Rihanna responds!

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