Columbus Short Gets Us Ready For Season 3 Of Scandal On The Cover Of Heed Magazine!


It's Gladiator season!! The Gladiators have definitely been taking over and they are not stopping! Columbus Short is HOT covering the fall issue of Heed Magazine.
Tomorrow is the day that we have all been impatiently waiting for! Scandal will be back and Team SASS just can't wait! We feel like big kids on Christmas Eve, but this is a big freaking deal!! Anyway...back to this sexy man by the name of Columbus Short better known as Harrison! He looks absolutely gorgeous on this cover and inside...he just makes our hearts melt. Now, we told you Mr. Short had a real life scandal of his own going on, but that doesn't mean a girl can't look and dream and fantasize...ok we're back LOL! 

Take a look at how amazing he looks in this shoot!



Side SASS: We know you don't need any reminders, but just in case, set your phones, alarm clocks, send smoke signals, whatever you have to do to catch the season 3 premier of Scandal tomorrow!! 

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