|In Cased You Missed It| Oprah's Next Chapter: Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke has had a crazy year! He had his first number one album, his song "Blurred Lines" topped the charts, and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. However, success doesn't come without drama! He recently sat down with Oprah and discussed the infamous butt grabbing photo, his performance with Miley Cyrus, and the court battle with Marvin Gaye's family. 

On his performance with Miley Cyrus at the VMA's:

"Miley and I knew what we were gonna do...It's funny at rehearsal, it seemed a little more playful, it seemed a little cuter...She had already set the stage by the time I walked out, I was in the circus already...that's exactly who she is. She dances like that. She parties like that...We started playing the song, the first thing she did was start bending over and twerking."

On the twerk session:

"I wasn't offended by it personally...To me, this is wacky, this is funny to me...To me, I'm not thinking sex, I'm thinking fun...I'm not really paying attention to all that...I go listen the twerke...I'm just twerked upon."

On the infamous butt grabbing photo:

"Yes, yes, well...maybe some trick photography was involved there...Let's just say it 3:30 in the was a joke that got filmed...Yes, it's never easy once it's in the press...I think that's you hafta deal with in the celebrity type marriage...Let's just say everyone had a good time that night."

Watch the full episode below:

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