Jay Ellis Gets Dapper For Bleu Magazine!!!!

Nothing old, something new, nothing borrowed, but everything BLUE!! Jay Ellis covers Bleu Magazine (how ironic?!) and talks about his ideal role, his personal style, and creating sparks with co-star Lauren London!

On his ideal role:

"I like the idea of playing a regular guy's guy. Guys want to grab a drink with him and women want to be with him. A regular dude, who comes on hard times and then saves the day. I want to play a rapper one day and do a biopic."

On his personal style:

"I'm a clean cut classic kind of dude. I'm probably in a black t-shirt everyday of my life. I love a sharp, well-tailored suit. Men don't get to wear suits enough. I feel like a million bucks when I'm in a good suit."

On how he landed the role of Blue on BET's "The Game:"

"My career in acting has been short. I think my ambition has been why I was able to land such a successful show. There is something that fuels me to do what I do. It's innate, it's GOD given, it's talent."

On creating sparks with Lauren London:

"I have to call upon my personal experience to identify with what Blue is going through. Dealing with two characters meeting each other for the first time, they have a spark and they're falling in love. You have to use personal experience."

Watch the behind the scenes visuals 

Side SASS: It's nothing like a man in a suit!!!!

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