"Look At Me Now!!"

Kim Kardashian is officially out to silence the haters! The new MILF on the block decided to show the world that although she gained all that weight while pregnant the Kimmy we all know and love is back, and you better believe that mama still got it! 

The reality star up loaded a pic on Instagram that showed off her post baby bod which included cakes, cakes, and more cakes! She even added the famous Instagram hash tag #nofliter to further prove that this is definitely the real thang! The picture caused so much chaos on social media that even Kanye West felt some type of way and decided to re-tweet the pic with a hilarious message! We can't even lie Kim looks amazing having popped out a baby almost 4 months ago! Whatever diet she is on definitely working! 
After all the scrutiny that she went through pregnant we know that Kim is loving this! She definitely did that! 

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