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Have you ever met someone and could immediately tell that they were going to do great things? Well, that's exactly how we felt when we caught up with Diamond Wilson for this exclusive interview. Diamond was so polite, so well spoken, and most importantly, Bold, Classy, & Oh So SASSY! Diamond embodied confidence and that radiated through her bubbly personality throughout our entire talk. Get a glimpse of what Team SASS experienced inside! 

Ladies and gentlemen...Meet Diamond Wilson, the owner of The Diamond Allure, a multifaceted business that is sure to reach the highest of heights! The Diamond Allure will bring you all of your hair care needs from extensions to that fierce short cut you have been dying to try! Team SASS sat down with Diamond to get a little more insight about her booming business and what we all can expect from her in the near future!

The SASS: How long have you been doing hair?

Diamond: Since I was 11. I was doing friends. I started off doing friends you know when they were doing the up hair dos with the twist and the French braids? I started doing those…for $15! [Laughter]

The SASS: For the record she is not charging $15 anymore [Laughter]

Diamond: Yes, I am not charging that anymore [laughter]

The SASS: What do you love the most about doing hair?

Diamond: The reaction on my client’s face when they see their hair. I like transforming people. So I like taking them from one element to the next, completely out of their element. Something different, something new, something fresh, and I love seeing just their reaction. The reaction to everything you know? Just the look in the end and you know the excitement on their face. You know when you come get your hair done you don’t have any makeup on, you look rough and you take them from the natural state and you just beautify them  and I like that!

The SASS: Do you have any specialties?

Diamond: My specialties I would say are extensions. I can put hair on anything and I can make it work [Laughter]. Whether it’s glued or if it’s sewn, I can make it work! I learned mostly off of myself because I always cut my hair. I would have my sides shaved, there was a point where I cut all of my hair off and I wanted some hair and I made it work [Laughter].

The SASS: So basically ladies, Diamond can get it done [Laughter]!

Diamond: You know I have a few clients that suffer from alopecia and Lord knows that is probably one of the worst things that women can go through and I can fix it.

The SASS: So what are some hair care tips that you could give our readers?

Diamond: I encourage everybody to go natural. I think that is probably one of the best things. Another thing, you are what you eat! If you eat healthy your hair will grow…amazingly! It’s the truth! If you eat healthy your hair will grow. I’m a strong believer in natural products, so Moroccan Oil is definitely a great line. It’s a little pricy, but you get what you pay for. Also, as less heat as possible to your hair. If you don’t have to put heat on your hair every day, don’t do it. To the ladies that wear weaves, I strongly recommend that you start wearing the lace closure because when you get older you aren’t going to want to wear a weave and you would’ve burned all your hair out trying to flat iron those pieces that are out [Laughter].

The SASS: Where do you see yourself as a hairstylist or as a business woman period in 5 years?

Diamond: See I could tell you this [Pause]

The SASS: Is it exclusive [Laughter]? You can tell us.

Diamond: Yea it’s exclusive [Laugher]. I’m just saying when you tell people where you see yourself in 5 years that’s when they take it and run with it. But, in 5 years, I can see myself owning multiple salons, some salon suites, which actually I have in the making now. 5 years from now…I’ll be 26 and I want to be retired. And I’m so serious when I say it. I want to be retired. So, by any means necessary, and anything that comes my way I’m going to take it. You know…I see things in my future, but I can’t say that’s what I have my mind set on because I[‘m a person that takes on anything that’s brought to me. I don’t turn anything down, so I look forward to incorporating everything into my business, not just one thing, not just hair. If I have someone come to me and say or propose something like you know maybe you can add this cosmetic line in with your hair line or maybe you should…I don’t know. Anything! I’m just a person that’s open to all ideas so I can’t necessarily I have my mind set on one thing because I can do more than just hair. If I can put all of those things together, I might be a real estate agent and a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and an engineer you know? So you just never know, I want to do it all and that’s the type of person I am. I can’t necessarily pinpoint exactly where I want to be in 5 years. But, as far as my hair filed, I do what to have multiple salons and also salon suites. Not just in Maryland, in different states. I don’t want to be just local, I want to be nationwide…international.

The SASS: Who are some of your role models and people that have helped and inspired you within the hair industry?

Diamond: That’s tough [pause]. And it’s not many that have. But, there is one person in particular that sticks out to me and that is Kim Kimble. You may be familiar with her from the show “LA Hair.” I love everything that she stands for, I really do.  I love everything that she’s accomplished. The things…what she stands for…she’s such a giving person and a loving person, and I’ve noticed that when she gives, she’s taken advantage of and I can relate to her a lot because I’ve been in those shoes a lot. She has inspired me a lot. She pretty much motivated me and my peers motivate me because at the end of the day, I wouldn’t say it’s competition, but who doesn’t want to be the best? Who doesn’t? So, whatever comes to mind I want to do it and I’m going to do it. As far as people helping me…I didn’t have any help to get to where I am, no one helped me. Everything I accomplished I accomplished on my own and I say that because the accomplishments that I made, I put myself in positions to do the things that I have done. It’s not like I had someone holding my hand through the whole process. This is a business, something that I did on my own. No one helped me with that. I had to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to do it, what order to do it in…nobody helped me with that. I can say that’s something that has set me apart from other hairstylist in the industry beacsue you have people that have branding managers and career coaches and things like that to get them to where they are and I have not had that. Eventually will I probably need it? Yes, because I feel like I’m starting to take on more than what I can handle alone. I need an assistant and I need management. Realistically I would like to do things on my own, but I can’t. You can’t own a functioning business and you’re doing everything by yourself, alone when you have multiple businesses going…you need help. So, I can say that I haven’t had help, but I have had motivation.

The SASS: You travel a lot. Do you think that has helped your career?

Diamond: It helped my career majorly! It’s so many hairstylists in this world it’s not just 30 or a few hundred. No, it’s probably a few thousand in just Maryland alone. I feel like with me traveling, I moved to Atlanta for one year, and with being there within the first 3 days, I got the job working for Toni Braxton and her sisters on “Braxton Family Values.” I did all of the sister’s hair and their mother’s hair. I didn’t do Toni and I didn’t do Tamar, but I did do their mom’s hair and it was a great experience. I went to Italy with them, I went to Canada, LA, New York, I traveled a lot of different places with them. I probably would’ve never gone to Italy if I didn’t go with them. With people seeing that, you know at the end of the day people are drawn to the hype…that’s what they want, they want the hype. It built the hype for me, it did [Laughter] and you know it got me far in my career and you know, I just have to take it and run with it. Some things I wish were different. I wish at that time in my life, when I was traveling with them, I wish that  I had that mentor in my life to help me brand myself better and to kind of help with how I should spend my money because everybody got a birthday gift when I was working with them [Laughter]. Everybody got a birthday gift, I was paying for dinner everywhere, I was spending money like crazy! I was like 19 or 20 making a lot of money per day! This was a lot of money per day. It wasn’t a weekly salary or just per job, I was making a lot of money per day and I was just blowing it. It was a learning experience because I’ve learned from it now so I know now not to blow it when you get it but, to invest it. I wish I would’ve invested my money then instead of blowing it, but I learned from it. So, as long as I can say I learned from it I won’t do it again [Laughter].


The SASS: You’re working on a salon now? Your own…Can you tell us about it?

Diamond: Yea I can tell you about it. The salon I have now will have 5 stylists in it, including myself. Eventually, I will expand to a full service salon, but like I said, this salon is my first salon so I didn’t want to go too extreme with the first one. I want to test the waters and get my feet wet just to see how it goes along, but eventually I will expand to a full service salon. I’m hoping that by my birthday of next year to expand. It will be an upscale environment, professional; ladies will be in all black. There will be hor d’ oeuvres served on the weekend and wine of course. I’m looking to cater to everyone’s needs. We will be doing a lot of charity events and things like that. I’m looking for more of a team, the best of the best and people that work good together. My reasoning for doing this is because I feel like I won’t be happy working in a salon environment until I create my own environment. You know I go from salon to salon but you’re never happy with somebody else’s vision until you make your own. And I think it’s about that time, I’ve done everything else…so why not now?!

The SASS: What makes you BOLD, CLASSY & Oh So SASSY?

Diamond: I don’t know…that’s a tough one [Laughter] y’all should’ve prepared me for these questions. I would say my personality. My personality…I don’t settle, not even a little bit, that’s why I’m single [Laughter], I will not settle. I don’t know, that’s hard! This can come off in so many ways. I could say something and people will probably think one thing and I mean another. You know what…I do have an answer [Laughter]. What makes me Bold, Classy & Oh So SASSY… I’m 21, at the age of 21 I have managed to start my own hair company, I’m working on my salon, I have traveled the world, I have worked with multiple celebrities, from the Braxton  sisters to Brooke Baliley to Mimi Faust, and a few local celebrities. I actually did the Bronner Brothers hair show and in this hair competition I did, there were 7 stylists, I was the youngest of them all, I had only been licensed for a year and they were licensed for about 7 years, maybe more. They had also done several competitions and out of this competition, I placed 3rd place! It wasn’t first or second, but it was a damn big deal to me! This was my first competition and I was the youngest of them all and I still placed. I think that I have done a lot for my age…I’m kind of scared to see where I will be in 5 years to be honest with you; hopefully retired.

The SASS: You’re going to be big! That is amazing! Trust us you are definitely going far!

Diamond: I really hope so. I mean, I’ve been licensed for 2 years, about 2 years and within these 2 years I have accomplished a lot.

The SASS: Tell us about the hair line and everything.

Diamond: The hair line that I have, I started it about May, around my birthday. It was a birthday present to myself; getting the site up and everything. Right now, I feature virgin Brazilian hair; we have a tight curly texture, we have a loose curly texture, we have loose wavy, tight wavy, and straight. I also have the platinum blonde that I sell. I have silk and lace closures. Right now we are actually working on a new site which should be up within a month or so, along with the salon being open too. I have wigs…

The SASS: Tell everybody the name of it.

Diamond: The Diamond Allure is the site and it’s Diamond Allure Extensions. The name of the salon will be The Diamond Allure Studio.
The SASS: Do you have a dream client?

Diamond: I do…Oprah, not Beyonce, OPRAH! I feel like within the time of be doing Oprah’s hair, first of all, let’s just be real [Laughter] if I do Oprah’s hair I’m set for life [Laughter]. But, outside of that it I had to do her hair and I had to do it for free I would be honored and I say that because I feel like within the time of be doing her hair, I could gain knowledge. I would have my questions that I want to ask her while I am doing her hair. I might get on her nerves [Laughter]. She’s from here, she’s from Baltimore. We’re from the same city, started from the same place and I would like to really know how she got to where she is, or just for her to give me some advice. I think Oprah would be my dream client. I would pick the mess out of her brain while I’m doing her hair [Laughter] I really would, and I would probably be set for life if I do her hair [Laughter].

The SASS: What is one hair car product that you feel like every girl needs, like they can’t live without?

Diamond: Every girl needs [pause] me [Laughter]. That is the one hair product that they need [Laughter]. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m not giving nobody any free promotion, they need me [Laughter].

The SASS: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Something that has always stuck with you?

Diamond: The best piece of advice I have ever received? I’m going to say…I’m the type of person that wants things done when I want them done. You know you always get those people that tell you Rome wasn’t built overnight, and I’m the type of person that wants to build it overnight. I want to do everything by myself [Laughter]. I would probably say that the best piece of advice that I have received is that everybody needs help. I say that because I’m an independent person, I don’t ask for anything and I won’t ask for anything. But, I’m just getting out of that mindset because at the end of the day you can’t do it all by yourself and you don’t know everything. You don’t. So, everybody had help…Oprah had help, Donald Trump had help, Beyonce had help, Jay Z had help, everybody had a support system to get to where they are now and I think the best piece of advice is that everybody has had help! You need help! You can’t do everything thing on your own…and don’t give up! Everything happens for a reason.

The SASS: How can you be contacted?

Diamond: You can follow me on Instagram @diamwilson and also my business page is @thediamondallure and our site is

Diamond is definitely on to something great! She's a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can do. It's important for everybody to follow their dreams and give them your all! You have to work for what you want! 

Ladies you better hit miss Diamond up so you can be snatched!! 

Side SASS: For Media/Press/Booking Information for Diamond please contact Bobby Burwell of REB II Entertainment at (301) 440-8869 or 

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