Meek Mill's Ex-Girlfriend Wasn't Content With Being His #1!!!!

Meek Mill's ex-girlfriend is out here sending a message and ladies y'all better listen up! Fahimah is letting the world know that she and Meek Mill ended their relationship because she isn't content with just being his #1 because she deserves way more!

Money, success, and side hoes are the daily things that woman have to deal with when dealing with a man in the lime light. that we think of it, even woman with regular men have to deal with this! However, some women turn a blind eye to the nonsense because in their eyes they are the main chick or the #1 in his life! However, Fahimah is letting woman know that no matter if your the main chick or the side chick both of you are getting played and deserve better! 

Fahimah recently spoke publicly on Instagram about not settling for the title of "#1" when she knows she can be the only one. 

Often times as women we settle for a piece of something just to say we have something! However, we need to really re-evaluate ourselves and know our self worth! Men only do what you allow them to do to you! So instead of trying to be his #1 focus on being his only one! 


Side SASS: Ladies are just settling for being #1?

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