THE SASS x BAUS: The BAUSED Up Exclusive Interview!!!

Hilarious, real, and entertaining are the three words we would use to describe our interview with the men of BAUS Collection. When we tell you that these men are definitely on the road to greatness, we mean it! Not only did they make us laugh hysterically, but they really made us think about a lot of things as far as business is concerned. Ok...enough of this small talk, check out our exclusive interview inside!  

 Can you introduce yourselves:

BAUS O: I go by BAUS O, like capital O.

The SASS: Like Maybach O? [Laughter]

BAUS O: Maybach O...without the corn rolls!

BAUS POLLO: I go by BAUS Pollo, you know like the Greek God. Me personally, I go by Sosa but I needed something that fit the whole image. Soot and I were going through names and I said call me BAUS Vision and he was like nah! He was like how about BAUS Pollo like the greek god? I said yeah!

SOOT: I'm Soot, S-O-O-T. Like the black smoke over top of the fire. Soot kills people when you inhale like the competition we about to kill it. I'm a suit and tie type of guy. I wear a lot of suits and ties and I wanted that name but I didn't want to spell it that way. So I looked up a different way to spell it and I ran with it, and I liked the definition so I just ran with it...

BAUS POLLO: Shout out to BAUS Cruze..because BAUS is a four man team.

SOOT: Yeah, shout out to BAUS Cruze...that's my real blood brother. He's the therapist of the team, always keeping everyone level headed.

 What does BAUS stand for:

SOOT: See it could have been BOSS, like B-O-S-S, but of course that name is already taken. I didn't want to feel like I was taking someone else's property so BAUS is just different. From the name to the designs it's like giving thanks to your ever day super heroes. Like firefighters don't get credit for saving people and teachers don't get credit for passing 46 students with all A's and putting them into college. Even though it's pricy it's still something for the everyday person.

BAUS O: Plus it caters to the life we live. You know we all graduated from college. We all are entrepreneurs and small business owners outside of the clothing line. We have a chain of pawnshops in Atlanta, New York, and Baltimore. We really felt as though not to toot no horn or nothing like that, but I wake up in the morning and I feel like I'm a BAUS. I don't surround myself around people who don't feel the same way, it's counterproductive to my life. So if you buy some of our merchandise you're invited into the fraternity.

SOOT: So it doesn't matter if you're a corporate business or small business.

BAUS O: Then we just want to encourage people to be the BAUS of whatever they do! If you the firefighter and you're saving lives like you said you're a BAUS. If you're a teacher and you're doing your thing and you care about your craft you're a BAUS. We just want to spread that around and add a little flavor to it you know? Like you a BAUS [Laughter]!!

 How was the brand created:

SOOT: In our early college days me and BAUS O had a clothing line. It was kind of childish, it was embroidery everything and teddy bears. We needed something to define us and the path that we were going in. So we just created the design and the name [BAUS] followed the design.

BAUS O: A lot of it was just SOOT being passionate about getting back into clothes, because I was done with clothes. Like done with clothes all the way but he said no we are going back. Then we moved to Atlanta briefly, and we were talking about fashion with the owners of a store in Atlanta. They said y'all need to get back into it [fashion], but I guess it started there and that was back in January.

SOOT: Shout out to Rich Homie Quan, Busta Rhymes, and Teyana Taylor big supporters.

BAUS O: Don't forget Rich Homie Dre.

BAUS POLLO: Black Inc Crew too...big supporters!

When did you first fall in love with fashion:

SOOT: It was a lifelong thing. It started when I was a child. Even though I was broke...broke as shit, I used to tuck my dirty white tees in with my suspenders. I thought I was cool. Everybody was looking at me like look at his broke ass [Laughter]. It was something I always wanted to do, and now I have the means to do it...I do it.

BAUS O: I used to work for Up Against The Wall and Foot Locker, so they made you love clothes. At first I wasn't in to clothes, but working for those two companies you were ingrained in the sneaker head culture and ingrained in denim culture and different things being thrown around you so...

BAUS POLLO: Me personally, I was another broke individual. You know if you live in Baltimore it's a fashion statement always. I went to Dunbar [high school]. When you walk in and you not right by the morning waiting for the bell to ring...somebody going give you fifty. That means somebody going joke on you. A lot of times a lot of people don't have a lot of money to buy high priced stuff and when you can't do that you find ways and make your own clothes.

 So what makes BAUS brand different from everything else:

SOOT: We are original. We have a storyline. We are reinventing gangsta through clothing. This is armor [points to shirt]. This is an armor t-shirt. So it's like protection. Always protect yourselves. A dozen roses... always give the lady or your partner or whoever you working with flowers. It has a whole storyline behind it. As far as our book bags and shoes that are coming out...I don't wanna spoil it but each thing has a storyline.

Where do you see the BAUS brand in 5 years:

SOOT: I'm more of a business man. I study a lot of clothing owners...entrepreneurs and I really admire Marc Ecko. Even though you don't see him...he's behind a lot of things. I don't just want to be a fashion designer I want to be a manufacturer. I want to get into the brains of the business. I want to learn how to make different things use my whole creative side but business wise. Honestly I want a wedding apparel line. So if it grows to that point and people respect us enough then yeah...but I love what I do now.

BAUS O: Plus we are trying to expand past the brand. We are really always trying to push BAUS culture. We want to build a whole BAUS lifestyle around the brand. Like Soot said we want to get into manufacturing. If you see someone walk in here right now with some Ecko jeans on you are going be like this clown...but people don't know that every rapper you see with a clothing line has signed his [Marc Ecko] deal. You might see somebody with some fly stuff on and Mark Ecko is somewhere making money off of that. We look at different business models and different lines of business and try to replicate what the're doing. Like you will see different record companies like Roc Nation and Maybach Music and billions of different people...but all of those people are signed to a father or mother record label. Whether it be Universal and Interscope and they are all benefitting from them. It gives people like Rick Ross a chance to be boss and Jay Z a chance to be a CEO. The biggest thing right now is everybody got a clothing line and we can provide an outlet for those people to do what the're doing...but on a bigger's like killing two birds with one stone. We really want to push BAUS culture and BAUS lifestyle. All three of those things are like synonymous with what we are trying to do.

BAUS POLLO: Just to let it be known. We don't pay anybody to get ideas. Everything is in house. It's endless planning. We are running constantly everyday. It's like a 24 hour job because you have to constantly think of new ideas so your ideas won't get old and we are not trying to keep up with fashion...but we are trying to speed it fashion forward.

BAUS O: Just for the record...I be seeing people on Instagram saying 'OMG this is such and such dollars' but this is not a Hanes t-shirt...this is not a Fruit of the Looms t-shirt.

SOOT: This is premium top of the line material. You can wash this a million times and it's not going shrink.

BAUS POLLO: As crazy as this sounds this [Dozen Roses T-Shirt] wasn't even supposed to be apart of the BAUS collection.

SOOT: We just dropped it to see where it went. I just woke up one morning and said let me take a picture of this t-shirt. Then in an hour I had like 300 likes. I was like oh shit I'm popping.

BAUS POLLO: Then pre-sales...pre-sales were crazy. The website shut down...twice.

SOOT: This was supposed to be a one day thing...but it's been a month and a half now.

BAUS O: We weren't going to release the tee at all. It was just going to be something we were going to wear. So then SOOT called me and said we are going to release 50 and then I said 'OK.' I didn't really want to do it because I feel like it was going to be a lot of running around and I got a host of other things to do. Then the website crashed and we lost all our pre-order information. So then people reordered and did the pre-sale twice. Then we had a back order of 200 folks and we were thinking maybe we have to expand this. Then we decided to expand it and the same situation happened.

SOOT: We still have a back order [Laughter]

BAUS POLLO: What's funny is 85% of the orders are not from Maryland.

SOOT: No bullshit I have like a cult following from like previous things I have done because I am a business man. So a lot of people look up to me and you would think they would support me. Especially with a $50 quality tee shirt. People complain like you think you can cut us a discount...fuck no... excuse my language. I knew it was real when a whole bunch of gangsta rappers hit me like, 'homie this shit is hot.' Think like black and white dudes...people who just wear black and white all day saying you got to get me some of that. So we getting calls from everywhere and after that I knew...but we probably don't release no more.

BAUS O: I just want people to stop being brainwashed. Stop looking at our company and other companies because it's a lot of other companies doing their thing too...and looking at the price and saying I'm not spending $50 on no shirt...but then I see you post a picture with that $150 Burberry shirt with the two stripes on the shoulder...and you just dropped $150 on that...I know because I have 3 of them and you can't wash it's crazy! We giving you the best quality. We fish around for the best quality...before the shirt even gets into the production phase...we don't even go into manufacturing phase until we find the material first. We have 5 different designs right now that won't get done until we find the perfect material. That's what it's all about. People want to go out and feel confident. 

BAUS POLLO: Somebody told me that this shirt [points to shirt BAUS armor shirt] is club proof! You can spill anything on this shirt. No disrespect to nobody, but we sell this shirt for $140 and you can honestly feel the material. If you go on other sites and feel their leather...

SOOT: The pleather...[Laughter]

BAUS POLLO: It's not real leather!

BAUS O: We not trying to start no beef [Laughter]!

SOOT: I want all that beef, I want all that publicity [Laughter]!

BAUS POLLO: About a couple weeks ago when we got the shirts Soot was like this is your large. Putting the shirt on was a fight. Make this known I had to get back in the gym for 2 weeks and the sauna so that putting this shirt on would not be a struggle [Laughter].

So back to what y'all said about people not supporting does that make you feel:

SOOT: It's crazy! People ask me for advice all day. These quote un quote hustlers... I give them my brain. I give them step by step instructions...but I'm about to start charging consulting fees. On the record consulting fees coming soon [Laughter]. You Baltimore dudes are about to get that work...all of it. We out here giving information and people pay top dollar for information. I can tell you how to get something manufactured for the lowest cost...I can give you the best brands to go when I'm giving you information like dude at least support a $50 t-shirt. This is genuine leather right here. The material was $100. We putting in work...we are well invested. We invested BMW's into this line. So when we you see a movement like want to support. I don't know why? I don't know if it's hate or shade?

BAUS O: It's understandable...I mean because I was watching an interview with Jay Z and he was talking about being the first through the wall. If you're the first through the wall...and the first cowboy to break the barrier receives all the arrows. It's a lot of people trying to break through right now. Don't get me wrong I don't want to focus on all the people that's not supporting because there is a large group of people that are supporting....

SOOT: Shout out to the 588 orders we got on the t-shirts..[Laughter]

BAUS O: It's a strong foundation of people who support...but I think a lot of times it's our personalities. People been getting hated on before the clothes.

SOOT: I'm so used to stunting [Laughter]. I'm just going to stunt in fashion. I'm going let my work speak. If they don't support...I'm just going do something that their girl going feel and hopefully their girl get a crush on me. On the record [Laughter]!

BAUS O: I always like to shout out the people who do support. I don’t like paying too much attention to the haters and the nay sayers because then you focusing your attention on the wrong thing. It's a lot of people who show us mad love. I got love for everybody.

SOOT: It's crazy because when we first started dropping the tee's somebody hit my phone and was like 'Ain't nobody going buy that shit.' Now we on our way back from Atlanta from meeting with celebrities and now it's like they hit Pollo phone and was like...the same person who said I'm never going buy that shirt...was like I might need one of those flower tees B.

BAUS POLLO: BAUS clothing doesn't care about the haters but it's very much motivation! Makes us want to kill the game more.

SOOT: I want all that work...I'm used to the beef [Laughter]! I love competition. I'm a football player so I need it. Keep it going!

So what is the concept behind Delivering Roses

BAUS O: SOOT was listening to Drake...[Laughter]

SOOT: One day at one of my kiosk I was playing with packaging. How can I really make this something? So people could see like damn they put a lot of thought into it. I swear I folded it like a million times. Then I thought it could really be like BAUS is delivering flowers. I knew the girls were going to love it so...whatever girls like we mainly going to run with it. They are the main supporters. Shout out to the ladies. Shout out to the lingerie line that's about to drop...Innocent Lust sponsored by BAUS. Shout out to the fan mail...[Laughter]

Are the men of BAUS single:

BAUS POLLO: I will be the first one to put that out there...I have a very special young lady that I have been dating for a minute. I'm not going say her name. I'm going to keep that undisclosed. Pollo definitely is off the market but he still accepts fan mail. I love's hilarious [Laughter].

BAUS O: I'm single...all the way. I love the fan mail. Please keep it coming. I respond to all fan mail [Laughter].

SOOT: I'm single...[pause]...yeah I'm single. I don't want to say too much. You know what... I'm going to go into details...I love a girl that supports what their man is doing. Stand beside your man. Especially if I am supporting you financially, physically, and emotionally. My Instagram page should be your Instagram. If I go to your page I should see all my stuff on your Instagram. You should be promoting my business like it's yours. It's all about sales. We building something's more than just us now it's everybody. Why would a young lady I never met promote my business more than my own special lady? That shit don't make sense to me. For the record...I am single...she don't support what I do. Once she starts showing support I will start showing loyalty. Until then the BAUS is single but I still love you though. She need to get her shit together. She know who she is.

 What is your idea of the perfect BAUS lady:

SOOT: Wow! I was in Atlanta recently. Oh my god! [Laughter] Shout out to her “marauder on my wrist,.. bust down” She going to know who she is! No names! For real though my perfect BAUS lady...I like someone that is real conservative. I don't like the stripper type...I really don't like the stripper type. I like someone universal. If she want to do something business wise I want her to go as far as she can without no bad paparazzi and bad pictures showing up. I look at a relationship as a business. Y'all have to grow. So I like a classy, independent, and nurturing soul. That's a BAUS lady to me.

BAUS POLLO: A BAUS lady to me is any lady that supports their man in anything that he does. If he wanted to jump off a cliff...then she jump with me and we fall together...

SOOT: That's so dumb [Laughter]

BAUS POLLO: We going to be dumb together. I also like a classy lady that's not just cute but smart. To be a BAUS you have to have somebody behind you that's supportive. I want my girl to be smarter than me. Very smart and conservative. Not really loud.

SOOT: Honestly...I love a freak. She got to be a freak! This what you don't know because the line didn't drop yet. Y'all getting the exclusive but the BAUS Lady started off as the BAUS mistress. Not as this is for people that cheat on their girlfriend...but to make your wife as sexy as a mistress. So you can keep your focus on your wife. She gotta be nasty...very appealing...and if she not she getting tossed. You got to keep them bad!

BAUS POLLO: Shout out to thick chicks though [Laughter]!

BAUS O: I'm real big on self confidence. I like when women project their confidence. When you can look at a woman and tell she's doing her thing. Behind every great man is an even better woman. I was talking about it recently on Instagram of course I was thinking of the concept behind every great man is an even better woman and it reminded me of a full moon...I want to be a woman's full moon...meaning I'm full in stature but my light source comes from the sun behind me. I want to be a projectile for my woman's confidence. I want to support her and she supports me in any way. The thing is I don't want to be with anyone I can't learn from and anyone I can't teach anything to. It has to always has to be an exchange or discourse whenever we together.

BAUS POLLO: He's a big Wale fan by the way [Laughter]!

BAUS O: You just have to fit my needs. I'm a different type of guy. I'm not the average fashion guy. I'm more into the intellectual side of a woman.

Is there anything else you want people to know about the BAUS brand:

BAUS O: BAUS is not gender specific. Women can buy into the BAUS lifestyle and the BAUS culture as well. A lot of women are bosses and doing their thing in their field. Again join into this lifestyle. It's bigger than clothes. I don't want nobody throwing on a BAUS shirt who don't feel like a BAUS.

BAUS POLLO: You just have to know and think like a BAUS before you put these clothes on. If you have no confidence it won't matter what you put on. I feel like I can put anything on and kill it. So it's all about your mindset.

BAUS O: Just don't be a dweeb..[Laughter] Just be you because can't nobody be like you better than you. That's what we are promoting being the best you can be.

SOOT: Just be different. Forget what the next person is doing. Whoever you think is cool you can be so much cooler than them. Create your own matter what you are...because I am pretty sure you will be cooler than whoever you think is cool. Create your own lane.

 Let the people know how they can follow you on Instagram

BAUS O: It's a 3 picture like minimum or I'm not accepting your friend request [Laughter]. I'm @bausambitions by the way.

BAUS POLLO: I want all the followers [Laughter]. Everybody follow me @bauspollo. I need all the followers. I need 10k by at least a month in a half.

SOOT: My instagram is @bauslike. are all friends. I have my business number and kik in my bio. We can be cool. ..It's just getting to know everybody.

Side SASS: Make sure you hit these guys up if you're trying to get BAUSED Up like Team SASS

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  1. Im really proud of these guys... i know SOOT from high school and see him often at his kiosk in the local mall i hope the collection take off ... better yet I KNOW the collection will take off because their intentions are all good. Be blessed and collect all blessings coming yaw way..