TLC's Former Manager Pebbles Releases A Statement About Biopic!!

Drama...drama...drama!!! Pebbles, TLC's former manger, is finally speaking out about how she was portrayed in the VH1 biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, and let's just say she isn't happy!

In the movie Pebbles was portrayed as a money hungry manger who didn't care about the girls! From only giving them $25 a week to live on, buying them Pathfinders to celebrate their success, and not letting the girls see their contracts, Pebbles was a monster! Shoot by the end of the movie we even wanted to cuss her out...LOL!  However, after weeks of threatening to "lawyer up" Pebbles has finally released a statement via her Facebook about the movie! 

This is sooo messy!  T-Boz and Chilli claim that everything in movie is reality and Pebbles needs to accept responsibility and move on! Obviously Pebbles is still in denial because she is denying everything! However, you know what they say it's three sides to every story and it sounds like Pebbles is trying to get paid to tell hers...LOL! We are not even going to fake we do want to hear what she has to say!! Don't you?!

Side SASS: Toni Braxton was also on the same label as TLC and ended up going bankrupt because of messy contracts...something in the water is not clean over there! On the night of the biopic Toni's sister Towanda let it be known that Pebbles and LA Reid were no good back in the day!

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