Vanessa Simmons Gives The Inside Scoop About Her Pregnancy

We recently told you that Vanessa Simmons was expecting a baby girl. Now the mommy to be has opened up about her pregnancy and what her dad thinks. 
We were huge fans of Run's House back in the day and we always loved how close and supportive the Simmons family was of each other. Of course when Vanessa first announced her pregnancy via Instagram, people started wondering how her father felt about her having a baby out of wedlock. Well...Vanessa opened up to about how that conversation went.

On her father's reaction:

"There's this whole idea of first comes the marriage then the baby carriage so I was so nervous," she tells "But my dad was actually really excited because this is the first grandchild for my family." 

"I think somewhere deep inside he was kinda like, 'When am I going to experience that part of life?' Of course he wants us to get married, but for now he was like, 'We're gonna figure this out. Just be happy and have a healthy pregnancy. I'm behind you a hundred percent."

On if she and Mike  plan to marry someday: 

"Of course we talk about that and it's looking good," says Simmons. "But I don't want to be a pregnant bride. I wanna have a beautiful wedding, hopefully a destination wedding where I can show off my figure in a beautiful long flowing dress." 

On her pregnancy cravings:

"Anything I see I want," she says before confessing her current Slurpee addiction. "Every time my mom calls me she asks, 'Where's Mike?' and I'm like, 'He's at 7-Eleven,'" she says. "The cherry-flavored Slurpee is my weakness. So is the Jamba Juice Mango-a-go-go smoothie."

On baby names (the couple originally thought they were expecting a boy):

"Now I'm stumped thinking of little girl names," says the happy mom-to-be. "But I'm excited because little girl clothes are amazing and I'm the girliest girl ever!"

We knew Rev Run would definitely be supportive of his oldest baby girl, but we know how nerve wrecking that conversation had to be for Vanessa. We are "daddy's girls" here at The SASS and just the thought of ever having to have that conversation with our fathers scares us LOL. 

All in all, the entire Simmons family is uber excited, including her uncle Russell who tweeted: 


Her daddy shared his excitement via Twitter as well:


We just know this is going to be one spoiled baby girl, but hey...there is nothing wrong with that! Congratulations again to Mike Wayans and Vanessa Simmons!

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