Watch The [Exclusive] Video of Kanye West Proposing To Kim Kardashian!!!

All week  the world has been talking about Kanye proposing to Kim for her birthday! Now watch the uber romantic moment inside!

In the visuals, Kim is completely shocked as Kanye West dropped down to one knee in front of a live orchestra and presented her with a 15 carat diamond ring in the middle of AT&T Park in San Francisco! How romantic?! What a birthday surprise!!! Kanye West really knows how to sweep a girl off of her feet! He definitely went above and beyond to make everything special! 

If the proposal is this amazing can you imagine how the wedding will be?! We seriously can not wait! We are beyond happy for Kim and Kanye! After 10 years of chasing each other they finally made it official! 

Side SASS: Watch the hilarious video of Lamar Odom explaining why he wasn't in attendance! It seriously will have you cracking up!

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