"And The Dancing Crown Goes To..."

For 11 weeks we have watched the star studded cast of 'Dancing With The Stars' get it in on the dance floor! However, season 17 is officially over and only one star can claim the dancing crown! Find out who danced right into the hearts of America and the judges inside!
The 2013 'Dancing With The Stars' winner and official dancing queen is 27-year-old Glee actress, Amber Riley!!!! 

We are so proud of her! The Bold, Classy, & Oh So Sassy actress definitely put her all into the competition and came out on top! Throughout the season she battled with knee pains and injuries but still managed to kill the competition and claim the crown! Amber and her partner Derek Hough (who won last year as well with country starlet Kellie Pickler) definitely made a great team! They gave us so much life this season! Oh, and did we forget to mention that Amber is the ONLY African-American woman to win the competition....yeahhh babbyy she did that! 

In her acceptance speech Amber gave a positive and uplifting message to woman everywhere that no matter what you look like you can do anything you put your mind to!

"No matter your size or can do whatever, whatever, whatever, you put your mind to!"

The SASS would like to congratulate Amber Riley and Derek Hough again on their win! 

Side SASS: Watch Amber Riley hit that boom boom cat in our favorite dance number from the team below!

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