DMX Has Pissed Wendy Williams Off!!

Wendy Williams PISSED That DMX Missed Her Show Over South Carolina Arrest-The Jasmine Brand.jpg

Rapper DMX ran into some legal issues on Monday (as usual) that caused him to miss his  performance on The Wendy Williams Show. Honey...Wendy is not too damn pleased with this! 
Earl Simmons, also known as DMX, was arrested in South Carolina Monday of this week for driving a vehicle with no tags, no insurance, and a damn suspended license! WTH! Needless to say, the Oh So SASSY Wendy Williams was far from thrilled about him missing his performance on her show after she and her staff apparently made several accommodations for this man!

Check out the clip from her show!

All we can do is shake our heads! Come on DMX you have got to do better! We really hope you get it together soon. 

Side SASS: All of this baby mama and child support drama is just EXTRA MESSY and it's sad that his kids have to experience this! 

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