Evelyn Lozada Drops A Major Surprise Via Instagram!!!

Well HELLO new beginnings!!! We definitely didn't see this one coming! Former Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is 6 months pregnant! We are literally in shock right now! However, we only have one question "who the baby father though?"

Instagram went crazy today when Evelyn's daughter,Shaniece, posted  a photo of her and a very pregnant Evelyn taking a stroll on the beach in Maui! We damn near spit out our Thanksgivings leftovers when we saw the pic! How in the world did she keep this under wraps for so long?! 

Oh,  and if you think her ex-husband Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson is the baby daddy, you guessed wrong! Word on the street is Evelyn's baby daddy is Carl Crawford of the LA Dogers and homeboy is caked up. His net worth is $130 million! Can you say cha-ching...LOL! Evelyn is definitely winning! We know Chad is sick! He definitely wanted that old thing back but it looks like that idea is all the way dead now! He definitely can't compete with that baseball money honey! 

We are so happy for Evelyn. After everything she has been through she deserves all the happiness in the world! We can't wait to to see the little baby when it gets here!!

Side SASS: With a new baby and a brand new life we bet that VH1 is definitely in the works to get Evelyn her own show now!

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