Get Bold, Classy, & Oh So SASSY With The Hottest Makeup Trends This Season!!

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We recently did an interview with one of the hottest makeup artist in the game, Tymia Yvette! Since makeup changes and evolves so much, we thought it would be a great idea to provide you guys with some tips and trends for the upcoming season! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! 
Now, if you're anything like Team SASS then you really like makeup, but you're also no professional. We can do the basics LOL a little foundation, mascara, eye liner, and an amazing lip (we love lipsticks and glosses)! However, as with anything else, we know our limits...we're aren't about to beat our entire face and end up looking like Bozo the clown! That's why there are professionals like Tymia to help us out when it comes to things like this! She is about to give us all of the inside scoop for what's hot this season and trust's AMAZING!

MAKEUP LAST SEASON WAS ALL ABOUT MINIMALISM! For Autumn/Winter 2013, makeup has a more moody and mysterious feel, but still has a soft side! This season it has a more punk, grunge, Gothic, yet glamorous feel to it. It's not your everyday, pretty pin-up makeup and it's not about transforming your face but its all about enhancing the person that's wearing the makeup!

If you're playing up your eyes this season, they should be strong, tough and dark with A LOT of black and midnight blues. 

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In addition to the strong, dark eyes, you can also give your eyes a very ghostly, romantic feel.

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When it comes to your lips, if it's not red, don't wear it. Whether matte or glossy, a deep, rich crimson or a bright blood-orange, it's all about that Bold, Classy, & Oh So SASSY RED lip! 
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 Now, your lips and eyes have to be pulled together by perfected skin. It's all about that luminous-glowy skin with seamless highlights and a glossy sheen texture.

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Ladies, we hope you learned as much as we did and loved all of Tymia's tips! 

Side SASS: Stay tuned for our exclusive interview and find out some of Tymia's favorite makeup brands and that one makeup product that EVERY woman should own! 

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