Idris Elba Rushed To The Hospital?! [UPDATED]

Oh no! Idris Elba was rushed to the hospital after having an asthma attack on a plane.

According to various reports the 41-year-old actor was rushed to the hospital this weekend after experiencing  a severe asthma attack on a plane. He was on his way to South Africa to attend a press conference for his new movie "Mandela." 

We pray everything is okay! Asthma is nothing to play with!The SASS will definitely keep him in our prayers.

The actor has released this statement concerning his health scare:

“I’ve battled asthma most of my life and it just overwhelmingly took me down on Friday while I was sitting on a plane. It was a very scary moment for me. A doctor on the plane helped me through it. Thankfully I am here.”

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